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the album has a diverse range of songs from the slick 'got something on you', to the groove-ballad 'i'm keeping my love to myself' and the dance-rock diddy 'seven days'. It is a cocktail full of rock-chick attitude, pop chorus', 'jackson' grooves, cool production and musical excellence by some of the leading musicians on the los angeles, sydney and melbourne circuits.

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la spina/tyson

jackson, mississippi, café quah mean anything to you? (what does it mean)
was that your sister or your aunty or some local colour hittin’ on you? (she was hittin', hittin' on you now)
did you try the tender fillét, god you barely needed a knife
it would be a shame to have to mention all of that to your wife
you were hand in hand
missing one gold band
fingers running through her hair
baby, tellin’ her how much you cared

take all your kisses, back to your misses
it won’t be long ‘til she sees you
for the swine you’ve turned into
hey casanova
your life is over
i’m in charge of what you do
baby, i got somethin’ on you

it’s an ugly situation and you know i really bleed for you…..i do
if you take that seriously i would plead insanity too
take a look at me
i’m not laughing
wipe that smile off your face
you’ve been evicted from the human race  (chorus)

you’re a womanising freak, on a losing streak
well you’ve hit your peak, on sesame street
you’re a low-life flea, with a hotel key
now you’re on your knees, just like they used to be


la spina/tyson

falling down, i hit the ground, i’m turning from the vision that is haunting me
petrified of wasting time, i’m losing in the battle field, i once believed
that victory would come to me
just like the fairytale that promised me
i would be swept away, so come to me
i’m running back to the one, the one i was afraid to love

in seven days i’ll find a way to say i love you everyday
i gotta know and i wanna hear it from you
in seven days the indecision leads to future perfect vision
i gotta know and i wanna hear it from you

everytime i get a little closer to the middle then i hide away
easier to check into a room without a view and see a lonely day
but love is not the enemy
shaping the rules, i know i’m gonna be
finally facing what i want for me
i’m holding onto the one, the one i’m not afraid to love  (chorus)

it promised me, i would be swept away
so come to me, i am running back to the one, i was afraid to love


la spina/begaud/corrish

i been wondering what you look for lately
could you re-define, what you’re missing baby, i can take it
all over me, you used to be, oh yeah
the way it really should be
it’s plain to see, you are losing me, ah baby
so what’s it gonna be now?

will you wanna stay, if i let you go?
can you, live without my love?
if you run away, you will walk alone
can you, live without my love?
when i don’t look back and i don’t come home, baby
greener the grass that can be everything you dream of
can you live without my love?

how do you forget, you were lost without me
you were incomplete, now you’re questioning a love so sweet
all over me, you used to be, oh yeah
so what’s it gonna be now?  (chorus)

all of your sleepless nights, don’t wanna hear about it
i should have realized, don’t wanna hear about it
the pain of your empty life, don’t wanna hear about it
maybe you should think twice
all that you left behind, don’t wanna hear about it
baby you’re lookin’ fine, don’t wanna hear about it
give me another try, don’t wanna hear about it
‘cause you’re running out, you’re running out of time


la spina/tyson

how can i get through, to the light inside of you
when you build the walls you do, baby, i need to know

so you got it figured out, know what love is all about
you blame everybody else, you’re hiding in your shadow
i don’t always know what to say
when you’re laughing, cryin, trying to be brave
give a little something away

if you have a heart, then why don’t you show me
and if you say you’re in love, then i’d never know it
life is taunting you, you’re screamin’, cryin’, bitterness inside, you are dying, it’s true
if you had a heart...

you would break away, maybe ask if i’m ok
no, but you turn around and say, hey, what do you want from me?
i don’t wanna play in this game
of feeling twisted, trapped and going insane
why can’t you think of someone else for a day? 
gotta stop all the pain you started, open up let me see you've got it   (chorus)

i wanna say this to you
if you had a heart, there would be room for two
and you would never hide
if you had a heart
bv part 1: gotta stop all the pain you started
open up let me see you’ve got it
step aside from the road that you parted
comes a time to say you want it
affirmative no, means a negative yes
that’s what i get when i look at this mess
gotta get to the heart

bv part 2: so you got it figured out
you know what love is all about, tell me baby
i don’t wanna play the game
why can’t you think of someone else for a day?


la spina/tyson

intro - "wanted: one no-brainer moaner, 5’3” with a bimbetted aura"

baby, i would like to inform you that i will be
leaving your sacred congregation, school’s out for me
i’ve outgrown all of this behaviour, so in favour
i trust you’ll be finding another to fill the shoes, do all the cheerleader moves
your world is falling apart
and still you’re trying to patronize the frame of mind that i am losing
so i’m moving on from here

this is how i feel inside
baby i don’t wanna take it, i’ll break it just to be on my own
this is where i say goodbye
but i thank-you, ‘cause you taught me so well
now i’m keeping my love to myself

you said everything that you wanted, you say, i’ve changed
don’t need you to preach to me baby, i heard it all at elementary stage
you know you can’t lose, can’t lose something you never had
well it’s too bad i'm movin’, i’m movin’ on from here  (chorus)

i see the visions of you, wrapped in a world i once knew and now i’m feeling removed
if i stay one minute more, i’ll compromise what i came for
so i’m movin’, i’m movin’ on from here


la spina/vidal

i wear my pride like a shield of armor and no-one sees me cry
it's a matter of honor but that don't mean, i don't know
what it feels like to be scared, to be losing control, it’s not fair
cuz babe, when you look at me i'm am defenseless, you see

i’m naked inside whenever you’re close, baby
there’s no place to hide i feel completely exposed does it show? do you know?
i’m naked inside

you tell me in time i'll feel your love stronger and i will realize
you're the one who belongs here but baby, every day
i feel my heart grow weak, seems you know what i'll say before i even speak
when you're around, i'm stumblin' and shakin' it's like i see myself in your eyes  (chorus)

stripped away, all of my pride
i stripped away, places to hide
i stripped away, stood in the light  (i’m naked inside)
stripped away, nothing to fight
i stripped away, look in my eyes
i’m giving in, giving up, 'cause i'm naked inside


la spina/wiltshire

i don’t care what you think of me
this is who i am, if you can’t deal with that i guess you’ll be leaving
you walk the backstreets, i travel mainstreet
had enough, no more questions baby
so take a kiss and get outta of here, i’m ready to face my fear
you’re outta my head, i’ll wipe away all my tears
i'll spend no time, goin’ out of my mind
tryin’ to be somebody you like  (i’m sick of this disguise)

i don’t believe in you anymore
you’ve torn me up enough i gotta put a stop to this war
you’re history, run away from me
put me to the test and i’ll get over you

so you don’t like my shoes, don’t like my attitude
since when did you become so perfect, you are not my bible baby
back in the day, i would let you push me ‘round, won’t let that happen again  (chorus)

what are you telling me?
that you judge what you see, not what lies beneath
did you know that it’s all just the same to me
i don’t care, i’ll get over you

what kind of price i gotta pay
when all the time, i did it your way
what will it take to get over you?
i used to live happy and free
by the way, you took it all from me
now i know what to do, i’ll get over you


la spina/goldmark

you saw perfection in me, yet i couldn’t guarantee security
that’s just not who i’m made up to be
it’s been proven in the past, these situations don’t last
you wanted far too much from me, more than i could ever be, i need back my identity and

i wish i knew
how to hold you, touch you, kiss you, all i do is miss you
i wish i could
i could turn into the person you loved, who you thought you knew

i feel so scared, i’m still wanting to be the one in your dreams
i’m unsure if i’m doing the right thing
if i could take back yesterday, i’d never hurt you that way, i’d hold the hand of destiny
i couldn’t promise you a life so exact and so precise, the one that you had planned for me  (chorus)

we always said, speak the truth, no matter what - someday
you’ll understand me…someday

i couldn’t promise you a life where i’d have to sacrifice
that’s not what i have planned for me (chorus)


la spina/eriksson

am i out of control, have i lost my cool?
you once had my soul, when you played by my rules
and now things have changed
is it me? is it you? i don’t care ‘cause this is what i must do

i touch the ground and i touch the sky, babe
don’t need the middle, ‘cause it’s live or die
i’ve seen you’re kind and my eyes are wide
my mind is made up, you can step aside

this time, i’m gonna fly
without the weight of you, draggin’ me down inside
this time, i’m doing what’s right
and i’m erasing you, from the book of my life, this time

i’m looking at you, i’ve been here before
now i’m telling you, that i’m out the door
do you want me to lie?
here’s the truth, time to move, far from you, i don’t see you in my life  (pre - chorus)

la spina

i was tired, so cold, so lonely
i was blind, and slowly falling
too many times, i’d question why
always searching for an answer in my life
i’d seen love, happily destructive
in my mind, self-protecting emotions
i found you and it felt so right
to say the things that i was feeling all through the night

now you’ve come into my world, takin’ it over
now i see what it means
to feel like i do, must be love shinin’ through
to me, you’re everything

could this be, answered dreams, and now i finally see
love unfolding before me
can’t look away, no i can’t let it go
this time i can’t hold back i need to let you know  (chorus)

i know the smile you bring to me, it's so real
like a smile i never thought i’d see
and now you’re here with me

baby, i am feeling it too, ‘cause it’s shinin’ through, baby for me and you
are you feelin’ like, i do
are you feelin’ the way that i do, i know that you do  



i’ve been there a thousand times
i felt the rain like a thousand knives
and it hurts, i know it hurts
i’ve been there like a fighter plane
tried to fly my way through a hurricane
and it’s hard, i know it’s hard
don’t be afraid, you’ll make it through
just call out to me, i’ll come running to you

hold on, hold on
when the current pulls you under
and your heart beats like thunder
just give me your hand
and hold on, hold on
until the storm is over
and i’ll be fighting for you
just give me your hand and hold on

i’ll give you hope, i’ll give you faith
and if it’s dark i’ll light the way for you, for you
by your side, to the end, until your standing strong again
i’m here, i’ll always be here
if the tide, sweeps you out to sea
when your strength is gone and it’s hard to believe