july 17-21, 2006
~ proudly organised by 'phrased differently' and 'recordia' studios
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wait just a minute

boyband madness!


tsk tsk

give them BACK!

master curtis & aml

terry, terry, TERRY!!


real rock'n'roll?

scary taxi ride...

the chicks

and there goes another ….another FANTASTIC swedish songwriting trip. we were in ‘varberg’ for 5 days of brainstorming tricks and antics…..5 songs in 5 days…not too shabby!

there were writers from all over the globe, some having penned hits for huge acts like kylie minogue, j’lo, rhianna etcetc…. and may i say, the most pleasurable to work with too. it’s incredible when you put 18 writers together, some of whom have never met, and off they trot, into a room full of technological equipment and every instrument you would ever need and a few hours later, out comes a song that will be played on radio at any given time. quite a remarkable and satisfying process. i am THRILLED with the songs that i was a part of. they are being recorded and demoed as i type.

we had brilliant weather, surrounded by super-duper cool people, and here are some…..ummm……some good, great, crazy, mental, calm, soothing, schizophrenic, beautiful, unexpected and expected photos.


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