firstly, WELCOME!! i'm thrilled to have my new site up and kicking, yayyyyy! well you know my name, as it's on every page throughout this site :) so there's no need to introduce myself, i just hope you enjoy the other facts and possible fiction that it may contain...haha, all fact, promise! the site will be updated regularly to make sure it's fabulous, fresh and fun-tasssssssstic. i would love to hear from you, as i read all the emails through the site. please make sure you tell me where you're from too. if i had to pick a funny section, it would be in the 'gallery' which contains the "up nod" may see someone you know in the photo section, possibly even YOU! check it out..

that's about it. cu in the updates. mmmwah!

love and lervvvvvvvvvv,