Gold Coast Bulletin Article
25/26th July, 2009
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The Sunday Mail
Brisbane, 26 July, 09
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Anna-Maria & fellow co-writer, Gus Macgregor, have written a song for the devasting bushfires & floods Australians have experienced. This was written for the charity performance held at City Hall, Brisbane March 4, 09. The evening raised $32,000. To watch performance on youtube click here. The song is called "Dust Gets In My Eyes". For lyrics, click here.

february 23, 2009
"The Sunday Mail" article for 'Oscar's' fashion fever below...

we are proud to say that the DVD from the sydney opera house performance is now available... ENJOY!! This performance includes la spina's version of the song 'MORE' recently recorded by Kumi Koda.
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April 22, 09
Another aml song titled "Try Again" has been recorded by Swiss artist Raquel Rodo & entered their charts last week. The aml version will be available on the MP3 list of this site VERY soon!

March 10, 09
Sensational frontman Jeff Scott Soto has recorded a song co-written by la spina called "Bring it Home" for his latest album! Jeff has been lead singer for many great bands, including huge megahit band "Journey"!
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Congratulations are in order. anna-maria's song "More" has been recorded by japanese superstar Kumi Koda on her latest release! this album has hit no. 1 in the japanese charts & is now certified triple platinum with over 750,000 album sales!