24th january, 2006                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(royal variety performance, WR talent xmas party)
hello to everyone! i hope this update finds you all well, fighting fit and healthy.

can you believe it's 2006! it doesn't feel to far away from when there were people thinking the world was going to be swallowed up when it hit 2000. that was quite funny.

recently i got to work with some amazing people in the industry. i was asked to sing alongside the crazy rocker, ozzy osbourne...and you wouldn't believe it but slash (guns'n'roses) was in the country and played guitar for ozzy as well. so that was madness! must say, it's funny when you meet these people and have a normal conversation with them. they are just that...normal. i'm sure they have their 'mental' ways at some point, but don't we all. the difference? is that we don't have it plastered all over the television or in magazines every second. i had dinner with slash and the other musicians that night, and he was absolutely lovely. very polite, conversational, informative. it was interesting hearing about some of the antics of guns'n'roses front man, axl rose. anyway, it was an interesting week. i also met the guys from il divo. here's a few shots you may like to check out. they're also now on the gallery page.

aml & ozzy osbourne

aml & il divo

aml & slash

aml travel forum

the travel forum is full of christmas in brisbane, australia!!! with, yep you guessed it...HOT WEATHER!!!! i will never, ever, EVER appreciate it more. as loads of people say, london is a great place in so many ways...however this winter situation is not working for me. i mean, i like it when i get home and my fireplace is on, however, i've been told it's not healthy to stay inside for the entire 3 months of the year. hmmm, i haven't made that decision yet. haha...   :)

i was back in london towards the end of december, and was looking forward to performing at WR Talent's xmas party. will (whose agency it is) had loads of great people singing and kicking up a storm. i heard an act i used to listen to a while ago called ADEVA....WOW!
she was amazing. when i used to listen to her dance hits the were very successful, very "club" friendly etc...but DAMN, they didn't do her voice justice. the woman is phenomenal! i sang a xmas song with a new artist called daniel ryan (watch out for him) and i sang my own song "dear letter". then of course there was the finale....where all the artists jumped up and it ended up being the song of the night. it went nuts! speaking of nuts, i couldn't help but put this little 'flower power' photo up. it's so not me, which was the best part.

i look forward to you guys being able to hear the new material that is coming up. i'm sorting a few things out about that at the moment. will let you know.

catchya soon!


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