23rd may, 2006                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(varberg writing trip, rene's solo album, concerts)
hey there,

i hope everyone is well and looking forward to summer depending on where you live. i can honestly say i’m DYING FOR IT! this year has been interesting….i’ve done quite a few different things which has been great.

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i was invited to go on a songwriting trip in varberg, sweden in march 06 with established writers and artists from london, los angeles and of course, sweden. it was 6 of the most productive days in a long time. it all sounds like fun and games, which of course it was, however you really did knuckle down and write write write! the songs all turned out great, some for me and some for other people’s style. the owner of the studio took us out for dinner on the saturday night and i FINALLY had crocodile! i had too. i love trying new things like that. it was a mix between chicken and fish in consistency. very nice. other than that, i didn’t really go out much because i was in the middle of some singing engagements that i had to rehearse for upon my return to london.

phil's ballet

jeff scott soto


i got back to london for a week and then took off to copenhagen in denmark. did i mention how much i love scandinavia! i was booked to do all the vocals and arrangements on rene dif’s solo album. we became friends a while ago when he was touring with aqua and me with savage garden. the album is sounding great so look out for it.

i went to 2 concerts in april, ricky martin and darren hayes. both excellent! it was great to see ricky perform a full show because we always used to see him do a song at an awards night or something….he was brilliant. i didn’t know what to expect since it was a smaller show in london than he normally does, but even the songs i didn’t know, i really liked. he’s an amazing performer!

now what do i say about a guy i’ve known for so long and is one of the most talented people around. his voice STILL blows me away. darren was fantastic! it was so great to see him up there again. does the boy ever hit a wrong note? nope, aaarrggghhh. he rocked as usual!

rosario & elena, jan 06
i’m very proud of my brother who is kicking goals and sounding incredible. he’s the opera singer of the family. he’s been performing in australia alot recently at some big events which have been held at the sydney opera house and all over the country. his site is: http://www.rosariolaspina.com

i’m so glad you guys like some of the new songs that are up on my “myspace” at the moment. there are more new ones, but i’m working on them. i’ve been writing loads as you always need to develop and experiment to see what comes out. oh, before i forget, i sang at a charity function last month held at 'too2much' in soho and it was awesome. i got to meet someone i grew up listening to: pete burns from dead or alive! (check out GALLERY)

alrighty then.....i'd best go and get back to it. catchya next time!


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