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(new songs to be available soon, ronnie scotts, south africa, new york, sicily)
ahoy there sailor! (absolutely NO idea where that came from!!!!)

where to start, where to start......."let's start at the very beginning" (**insert SOUND OF MUSIC film here**). hellooooo, well since i've written some little updates along the way, like the sydney opera house performance in july with darren hayes, and the varberg writing trip no 2....it's a little hard to know what to write. oh i know.....as i quickly mentioned the website will have a mini-facelift shortly....which means alot more of my music will be available. i think we get so caught up in trying to do things in a certain order and i can honestly say....TOO BAD! i'll be doing things OUT of order. i've been asked alot about how and where people can buy the recent songs and recordings, so those wishes shall now be my commands. i've written quite a few songs that will be available and some i'm still keeping to myself as i'm working on a special project that will take a little time to complete. but let's just say for those of you who heard the song "everyday..." at the opera house, it may have something to do with that. i was SO overwhelmed at the response of that particular song (which featured my brother rosario la spina vocally), that it spurred a change of direction which i'm incredibly pleased about. the DVD will be the only way to hear that song at the moment.

which leads me to the other main question in the emails i receive from my website and myspace page....the recording of my 7-song set, which was professionally taped at the opera house, will be available too. it's being packaged and sorted at the moment. since these new items will be on the site soon, you can imagine it takes a little time to organise it all, so basically, that's the mini-facelift i'm talking about. if i was to change the whole thing it would take FOREVER! so i'll leave FOREVER for another time.

aml travel forum

"aml travel" has been quite productive these past few months. FINALLY i got to go to south africa. i have ALWAYS wanted to go on a safari and VOILA, it happened. well i drove my friend 'ferne' mental, by constantly saying "we ARE doing a safari and not just a holiday, right?"....besides 'safari' sounded WAY better than 'holiday'.

ferne and mona (who lives there) organised everything and 5 of us flew in for the 2wk experience. apart from mona breaking her ankle (& still being a trouper)...it was one of the best experiences ever! too much to tell though, i'd have to dedicate a few pages to it alone....basically we did johannesburg and cape town, saw amazing animals within the natural environment they SHOULD be living in, like a black rhinoceros (only 2000 left in the world), cooked on open fire in the camp site, slept amongst it all on a game reserve park (privately owned), met a porcupine one metre away from me who wanted to be my friend (aarrrggghhh!!!)....that sort of thing, which was just awesome!!

'moyo' restaurant

the team!

the town of soweto

rhino skull

the cheetah


as much as part of me wants to keep this treasure to myself, i think it's a duty to share it....SICILY! what a gorgeous place it is. i've just returned from there and it has WOW factor! it's my family heritage and is not new to me as i've been there many times, but somehow, it seems to constantly impress me. these are the things you HAVE TO do: the catania markets, the alcantara gorge, mount etna, taormina/isola bella, noto....just gorgeous! what are you waiting for, go go go.....you can read the rest of this later!
alcantara gorge!!
home-made pasta holidaying w/mum

i sang with darren hayes at the "swedish gay pride festival" in july. this was held in the ever-gorgeous sweden. as usual, we had a GREAT time. after the performance, darren took us all to the fabulous venue, "cafe opera". see gallery for photos...

september saw me singing at the famous "ronnie scotts jazz club"...though i'd never say i was a jazz singer in the TRUE sense....it was a great experience to perform in front of an audience dedicated to hearing live music and who were so appreciative of live performance. i saw an amazing act there on the same night. the incredible "monty alexander"....i watched his hour set in a gob-smacked fashion. you know what....THAT'S what music should be about, a seriously talented person who really IS music.

so off i trot to new york mid-september and got to sing with the legendary "meatloaf" which was a great experience. he has a super talented band too. they just played at the royal albert hall here in london and absolutely ROCKED!! here are some photos from when they were in town. the band are fabulous and TOO much fun. thank GOD they had to go home...

whilst at the show, i met one of the most famous rock legends, brian may from that little band, QUEEN!!!!! i've been a HUGE fan (and still am) of their music. and what a nice guy! i love that...super talented, super successful AND lovely!

meat's team

paul crook

whilst in america, i was lucky enough to be there at the same time 2 of my friends were touring....phil from def leppard and jeff from journey. just brilliant! phil rocked on guitars and jeff, WELL, jeff scott soto is one of the best singers i've ever heard. his is amongst my top 3 male singers in the world....the other 2 (in different styles of course) are darren and rosario. strangely within those 3 people, i managed to cover rock, pop AND opera. excellent!

aml & phil's wife, anita

in my inbox, i have some beautiful, supportive and amazing letters and i CAN NOT thank-you enough. it gives me such a boost sometimes to know that you're enjoying what you hear....and i've been lucky enough to have some of the most loyal people coming to my site/s for a while now. so i just want to say how much i appreciate it. now before i get too soppy, i'll head off. bye for now!!!



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