20th april, 2005                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(knock bar, carlos dinner, the bedford gig)
whoaaaaa. i really don’t know where to start…. hmm do i start at the very beginning (no offence ‘sound of music’…or from the madness over the last 3 wks?) nah, let’s go back to where i left off from the last update.

february 16, saw me singing a little set at the ‘knock bar’ in london. the only word to sum up the night is MENTAL!!! some of you can vouch for me on that, considering you were there and added yourselves to the madness…..i, of course, was cool, calm and collected….NOT! for those who couldn’t make it due to living in another part of the world, you missed out on meeting a man called ‘carlos’…..oh my LORD! firstly…he’s a lovely man who owns a restaurant nearby and came on down with some of his friends. by the middle of the evening he had bought EVERY TABLE a bottle of champagne, whisked his clothes off and danced in EVERY PART of the place with EVERYONE in the room. after my set, i was forced to join this craziness. it was hilarious and ‘head-shaking’ stuff. oh, yeah…. the music...i did some new songs and a few covers of other artists’ songs i like. so it was loads of fun!

i’ve been rehearsing for some gigs i have coming up….some of them are private functions, hence the reason i don’t post them on the site…so that’s kept me quite busy, plus songwriting, which is always an ongoing thing.

after the ‘knock bar’ performance, i was invited to go to carlos’ restaurant with some friends. i’d heard fabulous things about it, so off i go thinking things will be much calmer, given the fact that it’s a restaurant, in chelsea, with no loud music and well-to-do-ish people….what could possibly go wrong, right? well, well, well….we sit down and order, quietly chatting amongst ourselves, the man himself, walks into the establishment and says hi…and I think, “cool, a nice quiet dinner”…..umm I DON’T THINK SO!!!! just 2 hours later and there is a naked man posing ON the middle of our table from which our meals were eaten, doing a striptease….i have the queen’s doctor (yes, the queen of england’s doctor) knighting me on either side of my shoulders with the fake sword the restaurant keeps, clearly for these occasions, and the remaining 3-4 tables are up dancing and going nuts in the restaurant. if i wasn’t there i wouldn’t have believed it. so i thought, what do i do…eventually, once i was exhausted from dancing and running around the room, i chilled out with a very yummy apple liqueor that tasted more like a healthy fruit juice….trust me, NO healthy fruit juice has ever given me a belting around the head the next day quite like THAT did. thankfully, there is no evidence this evening even occurred, and if you tell anyone, i’ll deny it. hehe.

my most recent performance was of an acoustic nature. you’ve probably worked that out if you read the guestbook. my faithful web friends were there once again, minus the crazy man….it was at ‘the bedford’ where i sang last year. great room and great vibe. i had jc on drums and russell on guitar, and they rocked in a quiet, acoustic kinda way. it was live over the internet and i’m thrilled that a few of you tuned in and saw it, yay! i love technology. it was loads of fun because i did a few songs i forgot i’d written plus 2 of my new favourites…which i can’t really show you yet. cheryl (a.k.a. toes) made me some awesome badges with the ‘aml’ logo on them….which i still have on my jacket. loved it!! it felt great doing a show that was stripped back. i played and sang this time, which i’m thinking i really like doing.

aml travel forum - nothing to note for this update

umm on a personal front….i’m THRILLED the sun is coming back slowly but surely. i think when you live in a hot climate normally you take it for granted however having lived through the winter in london this year….i will never complain about heat again!! can’t wait to start roller-blading again. how funny, i was writing this, took a break and little particles, commonly referred to as HAIL (!!!) start hitting at my window….CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! aaah there’s the sun again.

that’s kinda it for now. check out some of the other pages like gallery/fans…there’s a few updated photos.

special mention to ema from rome….your artistic talent is AMAZING! thank-you for my portrait! x

cu guys soon,

ps: thanks to cheryl & rachel for some of the photos

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