5th february, 2005                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(the cobden, DH gig, xmas break, writing in london)
hi hi, helloooooooo,

how is everyone? fabulous i hope. so you survived yet another year, that would be 2004. y'know it's strange, nearly everyone i spoke to, hated 2004....so i guess things can't get as bad in 2005, right? :) so, speaking from a positive view, you're already on the 'up'!!

well let me drag that down right now...i'm writing this to you from my bed....london has decided to bless me with a fabulous bronchial flu....aaaah the joy of it all....I HATE IT!!!! however as i'm staying with a positive view as already mentioned, it's given me a chance to write this update.....so it can't be ALL bad.

before i left to go home to australia for the xmas break, i saw darren hayes perform on his uk tour....i know alot of you reading this saw his concert and will totally get where i'm coming from....but oh my GOD!! have you ever heard such amazing vocals from a live performer? that was the first thing going through my head....the production was fantastic, the songs - brilliant, he looked amazing, but i've never heard such perfection in a voice. i was SO blown away. it's weird writing this because we are such good friends now....but objectivley speaking and taking that out of the equation, there is no denying that he is an awesome performer!

cousin tony & aml - backstage at DH concert

on nov 22, 04 i performed at the cobden club. it was fabulous singing 6 new songs with a live band...the way it SHOULD be. many of my friends and work associates came down. 5 of the tunes were mine, and the other was a diane warren track she sent over from LA. it was a fun night and if you missed it...DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE!

aml travel forum:

the ever precious little girl

the forum, for this update, will consist of sunny brisbane!! and i gotta tell ya, you soooooo appreciate the sun when you leave london in december.  am thrilled i now have my tan back on track, don't even get me STARTED about how good it was to see my little girl.....yes CORNFLAKES, of course!

in that time, one of my best friends EVER, ferne, flew me down to melbourne for her xmas party... and who was i to say no. here's a little pic of zac...oooo he's going to LOVE the fact that this is on a website!!! hahahaha.....gotcha zac! we had a great time, as you can probably tell.

zac, anything you'd like to say...

we got in the xmas spirit a little early last year... november in fact. since i was going home and my brother rosario, was leaving london... tony and angelica
decided that the festive season needed to be celebrated... with lovely green xmas hats on our heads!!! we HAD to wear them or bear the wrath of them both.

so i arrived back into london early january, and have basically been songwriting ever since and setting up some gigs that you guys can come to.  the info will be posted on the site.  just watch out for it.  i'm really happy with alot of the new stuff....but i'm just at the beginning stages of all that.

thanks for watching this space and catcha soon i hope!



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