22 july, 2004                                                (remember to click on photos to enlarge)
(living in london, hong kong, chris tucker, acting course, the english dictionary for australians!)

greetings fellow internet-ers,

the past month has been full of adventure, unfamiliarity, risk, excitement, and that was all on one sector of the plane flight!!

am rewinding for a second: so my trip was booked for london. this time i decided to have a little stop over to break the trip up. that place was to be hong kong. i stayed with my new friend david, actually he’s ferne’s friend, but i’m claiming him now….makes me appear more international. i thought i’d be crashing on the couch and straying around hk during the day like a committed tourist, HOWEVER i had the best tour guide at my disposable…he filled me in all there is to know about hk. how funny, a canadian informing me about hk! david lives in soho which is incredibly central.

aml travel forum:
hong kong (hk) is made up of 100’s of islands. i started by taking a ride up the peak tram. it’s over 110yrs old. the view is sensational at the top. the map suddenly becomes more understandable in relation to how close these islands are. you can see ‘kowloon’ clearly from HK island. i love the fact that they haven’t built any bridges between the two. they’re so close and can be accessed by ferry without having any ‘distractions’ in the way.

people in hk are quite superstitious. this is the story: a dragon lives in a mountain, the mountain sits in front of ‘repulse bay’ ~ so when developers decided to build between the mountain and the water, they were faced with the fact that the dragon needed to get in and out of its habitat. therefore they did what any decent developer would have done and spent millions of dollars building it with a hole cut out in the centre so that the dragon could fly in and out at it’s leisure. hmmmm, thoughtful!

the 'holey' building
i went over to ‘kowloon’ purely and simply for the markets….and quite a selection i must say: flower market, bird market, night markets, ladies market etc. once nightfall hit, i watched a spectacular light show on the waters edge looking at the buildings on hk island. it was amazing to see all the buildings programmed to music and perform a laser light show. apparently, it happens every night around 8pm. i realized that in one day i took FOUR forms of public transport…craziness! i had a great time in hk, the locals were friendly and fabulous! (couldn’t get enough of their duck dishes!) ~ rhys you would have loved it!!


this brings me to my destination: london. most of you know i have been here before numerous times with the band SG or on holiday with friends and family….but i’ve never LIVED here. I stayed with my cousins tony and angelica (tony’s debut is in the may 04 update) which was great. having family around makes such a difference, even if you have to pretend to like them…nah kidding.

i was hunting for an apartment 2 hrs after i got off the plane…no time like the present i thought. looked at some scary, very scary, terribly scary places…wondering how the hell people live in them (i don’t know, call me insane, but, i just expect to be able to actually turn 360 degrees in a bathroom, specifically with my arms by my side. cleanliness would be nice too, but now i’m being picky). anyway on the 6th day i found it…the cutest apartment in a great area. it’s a miracle i thought, or it’s God deciding he’s listened to me enough for 6 days and put me out of my misery! so i’m thrilled with where i live. i’m only a 5-10min walk from oxford st, one of the busiest streets in london!

flat hunting


chris tucker @ 'ten ten rooms'
(click here for video)

have been here a month now and am happy with how things are moving along. have already sung in central london. i was asked to sing at a fun night with some awesome musicians. was held at ‘the ten rooms’. i did a few songs and so did some others in the room like simon from ‘blue’ and a guy from ‘five’…then out of the blue (no pun intended simon) this guy jumps up on stage with patrick the host (who’s a fab singer) and they start a michael jackson song…it was the actor, chris tucker. he was amazing!!!! i started thinking (gasp)…. video camera…bag…camera is IN bag…camera came flying OUT of bag and anna hit record. he was electric!! y’know those comedic actors that are funny without trying to be…that was him!

i’ve caught up with darren quite a lot now that we both live here. it’s been great because we’ve lived in different parts for a few years. he lives about 10mins from me, which is great. there is some news to tell, which will see us on stage together again, but you’ll find that info out soon with dates. this is what happened when we all met up for dinner…

dinner in london

  jason  marilyn  lyndell
before i left brisbane, a few friends and my good self, got together for a night out (as usual)…was at 'sun bar'. we used it as an excuse to say goodbye, even though i keep coming back, haha.

cousin carl & jason

oh oh, i nearly forgot…i’m learning english…yes you read correctly. i have a friend here, with whom i speak quite regularly on the phone, and i am constantly stopping him mid-sentence to ask what the hell he said a few words back…(thanks archie)…so i decided to write a few down, and start “the english dictionary for australians”…it was only fair considering master millsy, oops, the author, millsy (www.simon-mills.com) has the started the dictionary to teach the rest of the world ‘australian’.

natter – conversation
banter – chat
lash – drinking/gossip
beebed - tired
(i think he made this up, but i liked it)

i did an acting course the other week. it was for four days, and i had no idea what i was in for. actually it’s not right calling it an acting class because it was more like a non-acting class: making it so real that there is no act…this woman was INCREDIBLE! she deals with how fear and emotion play a major role in a lot of performance situations. how suppressed rage can be used to an advantage. her name is niki flacks.

am loving london…but it does lack a MAJOR sweetness ...CORNFLAKES!!!!! i have her shrine up in my apartment of course. i miss her SOOOO much!!!! shall i introduce a minute silence in her honour?…….GOD SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!

guess i better run….i already have so much to write about for the next update…considering i sang with darren at “party in the park”…and have hung out for the week with australia’s most successful and fun business woman ‘sarina russo’…woo hooooooooo! i’ve had meetings here which are going well. am working with new people, whom i’ll introduce soon.


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