5 May, 2004
(tony's wedding, book launch, rene's trip, aml b'day 03, lisa b'day 04, pool chicky's)

where on EARTH do i start??? i think i'll have to re-trace a few steps by looking at the recent photos i have, hang on........

oky-dokey.....firstly, professionally speaking, i'm moving to london towards the end of may for the rest of 2004 as I have changed a few things in the line-up of people i work with. i'll be songwriting and working on a couple of other projects. will tell more when I know more. so that's my "whereabouts" out of the way, (for now).

as for fun, crazy, stupidly fabulous times....keep reading. i can't believe i actually have photos to attach to this update.

the most recent event was my cousin tony's wedding. i still can't believe he's of the legal age to drive, let alone get married. before his wedding, my girlfriends and i threw him a hen's day to celebrate the coming big day. sorry tony, but this HAD to be shown. his bride, angelica looked simply stunning and as a couple?? forget it......just gorgeous.

tony, aml, robert

earlier this year, i travelled around the world for a few meetings and ended up in new york (as you do). my friend, (the infectiously brilliant) simon mills was there promoting a book he'd just written. this is the only man in the world who can write a book, decide HE wants it published, IN new york city, give himself 20mins to make it happen, AND SUCCEEDS!!! i hate him! anyway, he asked me to sing at the book launch which was held at the australian consulate in manhattan, ny. such an amazing night. i was SO proud of THE AUTHOR (his new nickname) i just had to jump in the limo straight after with the other 20 close friends and have a culinary experience at one of ny's finest eats. it was the least i could do. go and get the book, it's called "how to steal from banks". his business partner "wazza" was there also. the 3 of us were included in the presentation. here's wazza and i hamming it up on the corner of 6th avenue and central park. I LOVE NY!
aml & wazza

speaking of friends, rene from denmark, came over to australia to visit me as he said he would do, AND ACTUALLY DID!!! some of you will know him from the band "aqua". we had a BRILLIANT time hanging out for 2 weeks. i think i went out more in those 2 wks than the entire 6mths previous. rene and my friends got along famously and were bad bad bad influences on eachother. i don't know who was worse...luckily i was there to keep them all in line! (i'm writing this, so i can say whatever i want jason/adrian/lars/jens!!) there WAS one day that we woke up relatively early, and ventured out to seaworld. WE SWAM WITH THE DOLPHINS.....woo hooooooooooo, it was AWESOME!!!

aml & rene

jason & aml

the team


last september i decided to have a little "doo" that would be "party" for all the non-australians reading this. my birthday was the event. it was heaps of fun, and some fabulous gifts were handed over, we LOVE that! :) speaking of parties....the opening of the brisbane film festival was equally fabulous....gotta support our local industry, right!?
aml birthday

film festival

before that, i was in LA and my gorgeous girlfriends conned me into a relaxing day by the pool. since I don't like to disappoint, i went along with the charade...............haha! i miss those guys! :(

therefore, we proceed to my best girlfriends in australia, whom i've known since...FOREVER! here's a shot of lisa's birthday this year. miss birthday is 2nd from the right. you just missed our fancy-free footwork....naturally it all happened AFTER the photo was taken............thank god!

well that's it from me...see ya sooooooooon!


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