17 Oct - Dec 1, 2004                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(the bedford performance, major travel forum - taiwan, milan, moscow)
hey there,

wow, i feel like i have SO much to write about! the last couple of months have been FUN! i’ve seen amazing concerts, shows, plays….quite cultural i must say…then i think i’m just taking advantage of living in a place (that would be london) that has all this on offer…..CONSTANTLY!

i definitely have to start with one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen!!!! MADONNA ~
reinvention tour! woo hoooooooo……darren invited me and few others to go, and MAN i’m glad he did! it was SO awesome. she impressed me much more than i ever thought possible. whether you love her or hate her…there was absolutely NO denying this is one of the best performers in the world, hence her successful 20 year career, which is an amazing feat in itself. the video work, choreography, singing (95% live), sets & design, were spectacular. it totally inspired me!

continuing with performances…i saw the “we will rock you” (queen) musical. the cast, sets, willy’s lighting designs, were incredible! and the music?? oh y’know, only some of the best songs ever written! it felt great to hear them come to life again….though there was only one freddie mercury, it was great to hear these songs again in all their glory. i’m in love with the role of ‘killer queen’….it’s a ‘killer’ role.

aml travel forum:

rosario - "pagliacci"
well the travel side of things have been a little busy of late. i was pleasantly surprised (as a birthday treat) from my father to go and watch rosario (my brother), sing the lead role in the opera, “pagliacci” in the taiwan capital, taipei. he was amazing. for those who have never heard him…think of a cross between a younger luciano pavarotti and placido domingo. that would be the best description i could give anyone. it was staged outdoors for 2 performances and there we were....the proud family members in the audience. definitely no mistaking us, that’s for sure. he got rave reviews from all the opera buffs, and considering he had to learn the role in such a short time….he pulled it off with absolute perfection. (check out his new site at http://www.rosariolaspina.com)
after taipei, i already had a trip booked to stay with him for 4-5 days in milan, italy. it was a nice break from london, and i had a chance to practice my italian, which i really need to brush up on. whilst in the city, i saw a fabulous guitarist called antonio forcione….such a phenomenal talent! i’ve never seen someone play the guitar the way this man does. he writes his own compositions and they are some of the most complicated flamenco and original guitar music i’ve ever heard. so, milan was great and i learnt a few new recipes….always a handy thing!

brother/sister team
friday (15th oct, 04)….
i write this from my bed (well temporary hotel bed), as i woke up strangely early this morning….i can tell you THAT doesn’t normally happen. i definitely follow a ‘musician’ lifestyle when it comes to waking up. any, i digress.....

what a crazy night it was last night. we arrived into moscow, settled in etcetc. there is the most gorgeous view from the front of the hotel that almost resembles a mini-disneyland/las vegas type of structure. i’ve been told it’s called st. basil. just amazing! so we decide that there is no time like the present to take over the local karaoke bar, as you do in a foreign country…(am still laughing as i type this). i was feeling yuk with a really bad cough/flu, but thought i better go and check this out with the others and show support for their vocal talents? stupidly, i think i’ll

the award
 part of the clan in front of St. Basil
honestly get out of it not having to sing, because, let’s face it, karaoke is much more fun when you’re not ACTUALLY a singer!!! so there i am, having songs pitched to me by our group, so then i am forced to get up or face very angry band members…..hehe ….anyway, long story short, i walk out with a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a bottle of moet champagne…..my “award” for the evening! it was madness. the owner and audience were fantastic and it was the cutest little place, with SUCH a great vibe!
forward to sunday (17th oct, 04)….

am writing this section from the plane as we’re on our way back to london…we performed on MTV TRL and also at the Russian MTV Awards…all went very well! we’re all feeling a little tired right now given that we decided to do the right thing and go to the after-party, woo hoo! it’s not like you really had to twist any arms or limbs on THAT one. could we possibly be anymore rock and roll, hehe! i have heaps of photos to choose from…so expect some new inclusions within “gallery”.

the MTV

i sang at ‘the bedford’ a few weeks back and was thrilled to see such a fab turn-out. it was great to sing a few new songs that i’d been working on and also fabulous to see so many familiar faces!

at my little home gathering for my birthday in september…we ended up getting a photo of the ‘red velvet’ cake i’ve been raving about…am quite impressed that a few of you have taken my advice and indulged in this insanely scrumptious creation.

i’m songwriting with a few new people at the moment….one you may recognise. darren hayes and i picked up where we left off a while ago, and have started writing together, whenever the busy boy has a second. so that’s exciting, especially creating something with a friend. yay!


i'm pretty sure that’s all i’ve got for you right this second. see you in the next one,
which is just around the corner considering this one took me a while to organise...sorry
bout that!



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