1st september, 2005                                   (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
('red hot broadway', jordan, dad's visit/italy)
stone me and feed me to the crows!! i apologize for the lateness of this update…i wish i had an excellent excuse but i can’t think of one…hehe…time just got away.

since we last ‘spoke’ i have had a few experiences that have been quite fabulous and diverse. (will go into it in “aml travel forum”)

aml travel forum

in this travel update i have no choice but to start in the gorgeous ‘monte carlo’. i performed in a musical extravaganza called “red hot broadway”. it was fun to sing that style of music again, as i had some big, showstopper songs and hadn’t done the ‘broadway’ thing for a while.

however it wasn’t all dolce gabanna, no no no….my next performance outside london was in jordan. i was invited to sing at a private function and took my band with me. it was absolutely amazing! i’ve seen some awesome parties, but this one was at the client’s residence, overlooking ALL of Jordan and was an incredible palatial experience. performers were flown in from london, ibiza and cuba. we were there for 3 days/nights. during that limited time, we swam… actually, we floated in the dead sea (due to the salt content) and i FINALLY rode a camel (i have proof). we were SO well looked after thanks to a girl called seema.

my father came to visit me in london, and naturally one of the first stops was the hummingbird bakery in notting hill. yum!!! it’s always great to see family over here as you don’t feel so far away then. later, i met him in rome and we all travelled down to sicily which is my family heritage, and had a great time with everyone down there. it’s all about the freshness of the food!!!! love it!

must say i have some new songs i’ve been writing with 2 brilliant guys here in london…funny though, they’re AUSTRALIAN! bizarre how that keeps happening. they are bna productions and often answer to the names of phil and chris. a typical songwriting day consists of arriving (late-ish) by 1pm followed by morning coffee, decide what kind of song we’ll write (10-15mins), take a break for a chat, go through some lyrics i’ve bought in, start fooling around with music and existing music chris has prepared, whilst phil writes along, further defining the song, break for lunch (45mins-ish), write the song together, break for coffee (again), finish off bit and pieces, break for another chat, and then decide that’s enough for the day…leave at 7pm. the funny thing is, you know you have a good connection when the ‘work’ is soooooooooooooooooo not “work” and it happens flawlessly. am very excited about the new material. some of you have heard a little of it at the london showcases. strangely enough, idon’t have a photo of the boys…YET!
the latest showcase i performed at was a night organised by the world-wide songwriting organisation called 'bmi'. this was held at the hard rock cafe, london on july 5. personally speaking, it was the best showcase out of all the ones i've done, cause i had a few new songs again that were finished about 1wk earlier, so it was exciting to sing them. i do have video and may put a few snippets up shortly, so watch out for them!

that's all i've got for y'all.



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