12 sept, 2004                                                (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
(hippodrome, party in the park, king arthur premiere)

hi-dee ho,

i'd like to welcome all virgos to this update.....naturally BECAUSE I AM ONE!!!! yay....sept 20 for those who would like to know.

aml travel forum:
i FINALLY went to ibiza, spain for 3 days for a friends birthday party.....actually more of a soiree than a party. it was fabulous! he's in the music industry, so the guest list was pretty cool. robbie rosa and kym mazelle were invited and jumped up on stage to perform a few numbers, so of course i had to as well. the hottest dj in the world was there, roger sanchez, and insisted we go to 'pacha' club to watch him play...and whoa, he was amazing! the club went OFF!!! loved the town of ibiza, especially the shopping. no offence, but the beaches were ok....when you're from australia, it's hard to be impressed.

hyde park

in continuing from the forum above...are my travels throughout the UK singing with darren hayes. we've done loads of tv and live performances all over the place. the biggest, being 'party in the park', hyde park...for the princes' trust. we played to 100,000 people! felt pretty damn good.

aml & d

on aug 5th, i was asked to sing at the opening of CIRQUE at the hippodrome, central london. loved the venue, looked awesome! so i sang a couple of new original songs and all my friends and family who live in london came...so a huge thank-you to them. there will be a few more performances jumping up, so you can watch out for that info on the home page.

hmmmm, speaking of food...my mouth waters as i type. if you are EVER in notting hill, or more specifically, portabello rd, (uk)you absolutely, positively, without a doubt HAVE TO go to the hummingbird bakery!!! oh my GOD! above, i have catered for the chocolate lovers among you, however you have never had any dessert like the 'red velvet' cake. it's a vanilla tasting cake which is blood red in colour and this little piece of heaven is topped with cheesecake icing! i think i was there 3 weekends in a row taking friends who were in town at the time, and ALL of them loved it!!
3 words of advice: go go go...


'king arthur'

a few of us, decided to get together, play dress up and go out. well actually it was a bit of an event. it was the 'king arthur' movie premiere in leceister square. quite an amazing setup..the whole 'red carpet' thing, knights (translation: men in tight tights), and an army of horses lining the entrance. loved the movie, and the lead actor clive owen, woo hoo! the after-party was incredible. it was like walking into the era of king arthur. there were about 4-5 rooms for the same party!! it was huge! i met and spoke to jerry bruckheimer who was awesome. such an amazing man who has created so many successful tv shows. so from that moment, i decided that it was jerry and i this, jerry and i that...i continued this madness for the entire evening.

apart from this update, there are a few new photos floating around in the gallery. enjoy!




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