9th August, 2007                                 (remember: click on photos to enlarge)
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is it really august 07?? what happened to jan, feb, mar, apr, may, june & july? well…..hello, how are you? i’m sorry it’s been a while since i’ve written…i’ve been busy writing new songs for myself and other artists. some i’ve put up on myspace and some...well, not yet.

i’ve had 2 swedish songwriting trips so far in 07, which were fantastic! i love that country. this is phillipe-marc anquetil...and this is one of our obligatory poses EVERY SINGLE writing trip. we've written some of my favourite songs together.

well this year i was in australia right up until march 07 so i was pretty spoilt being with family & friends for quite a while. i had a friend going through a hard time and i was grateful to be there for her and her family. it makes you truly appreciate life, which is way too short.

New Years Eve Sydney
aml & katerina
xmas 06
aml & monique
mari's birthday

in may, i spent the whole month in America. my brother, rosario, was debuting in the US for the seattle opera company. he performed the tenor role in “la boheme” and was brilliant! so since i was in America i decided to catch up with work colleagues and friends in LA and NY. it was great being out in the sun again, playing tennis, going to the volleyball championships at hermosa beach, california and letting people hear some new material. whilst in NY, i wrote a song with my musician friend simon mills, and that definitely wasn’t planned. we were chatting in his office and said, let’s write a song….so for the next hour, we did just that! you gotta love when creativity strikes. oh no…..i nearly forgot….i met dad in vegas for one night and we went and saw the ‘celine dion’ show. she was great! such an amazing voice and the show was huge!

i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned that my family owns and breeds race horses in brisbane …they are pacers in the harness racing side of things. so i’ve been glued to my computer over here listening to the races over the internet and since i can’t see anything on the screen (BRISBANE – FOR GOD’S SAKE SORT OUT “VIDEO RACES”!!!!!) anyway….since i can’t SEE anything, i’m practically breaking the laptop, screaming at it to tell them to go faster….quite funny really…some may say psychotic, but i’ll stick with ‘funny’. our 2yr old girl, armida, has done very well winning loads of races this year, so i feel like a proud mother. there are a few others, but we’d be here all day if i was to tell you about each one of them.

a big highlight for me, was going to my first ever wimbledon tournament!! the lucky duck who got to accompany me, was my cousin tony. we watched the mens semi-final with the cutie, ‘nadal’ playing. there was no way i could say i’m living in london and had never been to a wimbledon. so i was grateful to my friend who sorted those tickets out, in fact i’d go as far as saying, i’m indebted to her!

this year has seen the opening of an excellent stadium called “the o2” in london. i have a few friends down there who have been generous inviting me to a few shows. i think i’ve seen more concerts in the past month than i have in the past year. i’ve been fortunate enough to see andrea bocelli, bon jovi, anita baker, justin timberlake and the big, big one….barbra streisand!!! i can’t even tell you what’s it’s like to see such an amazing star like that live on stage. she was more impressive live than i ever thought she would be. so engaging, charismatic, funny….and armed with talent!! whilst i was at the o2, i met david walliams (‘little britain’ star) he was an interesting guy to have a conversation with…there’s a little pic of us in the ‘gallery’ section.

one of my girlfriends, ferne, came over to visit from australia. she had a whirlwind, world-wide trip over the past 2 months. she insisted i go to st remy, france for 2 days to meet her and another friend johanna, and since i’m such a good friend, of course i couldn’t say no….plus it was for her birthday! well, it was a hilarious birthday evening, considering we were in a tiny little town with no nightlife or anything, so we made our own, and they all knew about it. that’s all i’m saying...moving on...

there’s another thing i need to write about….but will give its own identity, outside of this update, therefore i must run off to write it.....



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